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If you have a license for an earlier version of adTempus, you can upgrade it to adTempus 5. The new license replaces the old license: you will not be able to use both the old version and the new version with the same license.

License Type

  • This license is required to run adTempus on its own, or for a Controller server that will control adTempus Agents.

  • This license can be used for computers that will act as adTempus Agents (managed by a Controller).

    Do not purchase this license unless you are using the adTempus Distributed Scheduling features and already have one computer licensed as a Controller.

    This is not a client or user license. More information

Customer Discounts

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Support and Maintenance

All license purchases include 30 days of technical support and software updates. You can optionally add a support and maintenance subscription to receive:

  • Technical support: direct access to support engineers for help with questions or problems
  • Fast issue resolution: most software problems are fixed within a week
  • Software upgrades: when we release a new version of the software, you get it at no additional cost

For more information, see support policies and options

  • subtract $150.00 per license

  • Renewal price: $150.00 (1-year renewal)
  • add $135.00 per license
    Renewal price: $285.00 (2-year renewal)
  • add $255.00 per license
    Renewal price: $405.00 (3-year renewal)


Prices are discounted when you purchase more than one license at the same time.

Number of Licenses Price per License (including selected maintenance option)
1–4 $570.00
5–24 $513.00 (save 10%)
25–99 $456.00 (save 20%)
100 + $399.00 (save 30%)

Licenses to Upgrade

Add Licenses

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Enter a License Account Number to list all eligible licenses for the account. You can also enter individual license numbers (separated by commas) if you don't have your account number.

Selected Options

  • adTempus 5 Standalone/Controller license, upgrade from previous version
  • 0 licenses
  • 1 year of support and maintenance


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