A Support and Maintenance Subscription includes technical support and all software updates (major releases, minor releases, and maintenance updates) for the duration of the subscription period.

Support and maintenance subscriptions are optional: you are not required to purchase or renew a subscription to continue using the software. Your license allows you to continue using the version of the software that you purchased the license for for as long as you wish. A support and maintenance subscription allows you to upgrade to later versions of the software at no additional charge; without a support and maintenance subscription you must purchase an upgrade to use later versions.

The following table describes the benefits of the Support and Maintenance Subscription.

With Support and Maintenance Without Support and Maintenance
Technical Support Technical support is available through our Web-based request form for the duration of the subscription term.

Technical support is available through our Web-based request form for 30 days after your first support request or 30 days after your most recent license purchase, whichever is more recent.

Pay-per-incident support is available for single-incident support.

Self-help is available through the Knowledge Base and the Community Forums, but Arcana Development makes no guarantees that its employees will provide assistance through the forums.

All technical support requests must be initiated through our Web-based request form. A support engineer will respond to your request by e-mail within 8 business hours, and may, at his or her discretion, offer support by telephone or live interactive chat as well.

Product Updates You are entitled to all software updates released during the subscription period. This includes major releases, minor releases, and maintenance updates. Your license is valid only for the version specified at the time of purchase. Maintenance updates may, at the discretion of Arcana Development, be made available to correct software defects.


If Arcana Development determines that a defect in the software is materially degrading your use of the software, we will make a reasonable effort to provide a workaround and/or to correct the problem. Software is provided "as is," and Arcana Development makes no guarantees that any software defects will be corrected.

Additional Information

  • Purchasing Support and Maintenance. Support and Maintenance Subscriptions can be purchased at the same time as the software license is purchased. If you decide to add a subscription after purchase, the price will be calculated based on the original purchase date (for example, if you purchased the license 90 days ago and wish to add a subscription, the price to add a one-year subscription will be the base one-year price plus )
  • Renewing Support and Maintenance. Support and Maintenance Subscription renewals cost 25% of the current base license price for the software. Subscriptions must be renewed no later than 30 days after their expiration date. If you decide not to renew your subscription, you can continue to use the most recent version of the software released during your subscription period, but will not be entitled to future updates.
  • Multiple Licenses. If you have licenses for more than one copy of the software, you must have an active Support and Maintenance (or Support Only) Subscription for all active licenses in order to receive technical support under your subscription. For example, if you have 5 licenses for adTempus and 4 licenses are deployed, you must have at least 4 licenses covered under your active subscription in order to receive support.