All support requests must be initiated through the support request form . You will receive an initial response from us within 8 business hours, but usually much faster.

Support is provided during defined support hours.

Support is available only for supported versions of our software.

Standard support is conducted by e-mail, though our support engineers may offer to contact you by telephone, live chat, or remote control session if they feel that the issue can be resolved more quickly this way.

Evaluation Users

Unlicensed users who are evaluating our software are eligible for free, e-mail based support during their evaluation period.

Licensed Users With Support and Maintenance Agreement

Users who have purchased a support and maintenance subscription are entitled to unlimited support during the term of the subscription.

If you own more than one license for the software, you must have valid support subscriptions for all of your "active" licenses (licenses that are in use on a computer) in order to receive support. For example, if you own 5 licenses and 4 licenses are in use with installed copies of the software, then at least 4 licenses must have valid support subscriptions in order for you to receive support for any of those licenses. We do not distinguish between production and non-production environments.

Licensed Users Without Support Agreement

Users who do no have valid support subscriptions are entitled to free support for 30 days, beginning with the first support request submitted after the purchase of the software license. After this 30-day support period, no direct technical support is guaranteed.

If you purchased a license without a support and maintenance subscription, you can add one at any time.

Purchase support and maintenance subscriptions

Pay-Per-Incident Support

For customers who do not wish to maintain support subscriptions for their licenses, support is available on a pay-per-incident basis. (Note that the per-incident charge is more than the price of a one-year support subscription for a single license, so if you only have one license, the subscription is a better option for you.)

Pay-per-incident support operates on the same basis as our standard support: requests must be submitted through our support request form, and support may be provided by telephone callback if appropriate.

Purchase support incidents

Named-Contact Support Subscriptions

Customers with a large number of licenses but limited support needs can purchase named-contact support subscriptions, which allow one or more named contacts within your organization to submit support requests for all of your licensed computers. Pricing is based on the number of contacts and the number of licenses.

Each contact must be a single, named individual. Role-based or group e-mail addresses (such as support@, helpdesk@, etc.) are not permitted.

To purchase named-contact support subscriptions, please contact the sales department.

Community Support

All users can obtain peer-to-peer support through the discussion forums. While Arcana Development staff generally respond to questions and issues posted here, we do not guarantee a response, and for complex issues you may need to move to a direct support channel for resolution.

Defect Reporting

Users without a support agreement you may use the discussion forums to report problems related to software defects (bugs). Depending on the nature of the issue, we may offer to work with you directly to resolve the problem, but no response or solution is guaranteed. For immediate assistance, purchase a support incident or support subscription.

Support Hours

Standard support hours are 9am to 6pm Eastern Time (14:00 to 23:00 UTC), Monday through Friday, excluding standard U.S. holidays. Support availability may occasionally be limited due to staff training or other company events.

If you anticipate needing support outside of standard support hours (e.g., for a server migration or upgrade), please contact us in advance and we can generally arrange to have a support engineer available for you.