This article discusses the "Agent Only" licensing option available for adTempus 3.0 and later.

The "Agent Only" license is not a client or user license: adTempus does not require a license for each user. If you want to install the adTempus Console on additional computers to remotely manage an adTempus server, you do not need to purchase any additional licenses to do this.

The "Agent Only" license is a server license, used only in Distributed Scheduling configurations.

More Information

adTempus has a Distributed Scheduling feature that allows you to configure and manage jobs on a central "Master" computer that then sends those jobs to remote "Agent" computers to be executed.

In a Distributed Scheduling configuration, the same adTempus server software is installed on the Master and on each Agent. Each computer (the Master and each Agent) requires its own adTempus license. Two licensing options are available for the Agent:

  • You can purchase a full adTempus license. An Agent with a full license can run jobs sent to it by the Master, and can also be managed directly, allowing users to schedule "local" jobs that are not controlled by the Master.
  • You can purchase a lower-priced "Agent Only" license. An Agent with an Agent Only license can only run jobs set to it by the Master. Users cannot use the Console to schedule "local" jobs, or to modify, manage, or execute jobs sent by the Master.

Installing adTempus in "Agent Only" Mode

During installation you are able to select the "mode" in which an adTempus server will operate: Standalone, Master, or Agent. The "Agent Only" mode is not listed as a separate option.

If you plan to use "Agent Only" licensing, select the "Agent" mode during installation. If you purchase an "Agent Only" license, adTempus will disable the features that are not available in "Agent Only" mode: you will not be able to manage jobs on the Agent directly using an adTempus Console connected to that Agent. Jobs can only be managed through the Master.

See Also

See article K00000096 for information on installing only the adTempus Console on a computer.