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If you are not ready to upgrade to adTempus 5, adTempus 4 is still available.

Thank you for your interest in adTempus. Please review the system requirements before downloading. You should also review the installation instructions.

The same software installation package is used for both evaluation and licensed users of the software. If you do not have a license, you can use the software for 30 days in evaluation mode.

If you have an evaluation copy installed, you do not need to reinstall when you purchase a license. You will receive a license key with instructions for activating your installed copy.

Updating from adTempus 5.x

If you have an adTempus 5 beta release installed, you will need to uninstall it before installing the production release.

Upgrading from adTempus 4 or earlier

If you are upgrading from version 4.x or earlier, please review the upgrade section of the user guide before proceeding. This version contains many major changes, some of which may require action on your part.

This version requires a new license. Users of previous versions can evaluate the new version for up to 30 days before upgrading their licenses. Upgrade licenses are available in the online store. If your adTempus 4 license has an active Support and Maintenance subscription, an adTempus 5 license has been generated for you and is available in your account.

Do not uninstall the prior version before installing; the setup process will update your existing installation.

Microsoft .NET Framework Update

This installation will update the Microsoft .NET Framework on your computer to version 4.8 if you currently have an older version. This update is likely to require a computer restart to complete. To reduce the chances of a restart, update the .NET Framework yourself before running the adTempus installer:

  1. Download the .NET Framework 4.8 Runtime.
  2. Stop the adTempus service and close the Console and all other adTempus processes.
  3. Check the Processes list in the Windows Task Manager and terminate any "adtempus.jobhost.exe" and "adtempus.jobhost32.exe" processes.
  4. Close as many other running programs as possible.
  5. Run the installer downloaded in step 1.
  6. Restart the computer if required, then run adTempus setup.

If you do not perform these steps prior to installation, the setup process will do the upgrade and a restart will be more likely.


adTempus 5, released February 13, 2023

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