Licensing Overview

To review the complete license agreement, click here. The following is a summary of adTempus licensing requirements, but does not replace the complete license agreement.

adTempus consists of two main software components:

  • The adTempus service is the "server" component that handles scheduling and job execution. It must be installed on each computer on which you will be running jobs.

  • The adTempus client and client tools comprise all of the components used to monitor and manage adTempus, including the adTempus Console (which is the primary management and configuration application), the Web client, and various command-line utilities.

adTempus licensing is simple: You must purchase a license for each computer on which the adTempus service is installed (i.e., for each computer on which you want to run jobs).

If you have separate servers for separate environments (production, test, development, etc.), you will need a license for each of those servers.

The one exception to this requirement is for servers that are used only as standby servers for disaster recovery. In this case we will issue a license that is valid for both the primary server and the disaster recovery server.

The client and client tools (including the Web client) can be installed and used on as many computers as you want, without additional licenses.

We offer substantial discounts for multi-license purchases; see the price calculator for details.

Distributed Scheduling

If you are using the distributed scheduling capabilities of adTempus, you need a license for the "Controller" and one for each "Agent," as all are running the adTempus service.

(The Controller computer is the main server where jobs are configured and managed. An Agent computer is another computer where jobs execute under control of the Controller.)

For an Agent computer, two license options are available:

  • You can purchase a full adTempus license. An Agent with a full license can run jobs sent to it by the Controller, and can also be managed directly, allowing users to schedule "local" jobs that are not controlled by the Controller.
  • You can purchase an "Agent Only" license. An Agent with an Agent Only license can only run jobs set to it by the Controller. Users cannot use the Console to schedule "local" jobs, or to modify, manage, or execute jobs sent by the Controller.

Cluster Configurations

If you are using adTempus in a clustered environment, you need a license for each node on which the adTempus service is installed, unless you have configured a two-node failover configuration, where only one node is active at a time. In this case, only one license is required.