This article describes the changes included in Report Commander 2.7, released on January 20, 2022.

Note: This is a free update for all Report Commander 2 users. No license update is required.


If you are upgrading from a previous 2.x version, run the installer to upgrade your existing installation in place. It is not possible to install this release side-by-side with an earlier 2.x release.

If you are upgrading from version 1.x, see the download page and the user guide for installation and upgrade information.

Obtaining the Update

See the download page to download the latest version of Report Commander. The setup program will update your installation.

Changes in This Update

This release corrects issues discovered since the previous version. See article K00000577 for changes in the previous version.

The following changes are included in this update:

Command Line Builder
Command Line Builder fixed to generate the correct values for csvstyle option
The values generated for the csvstyle option differed from the values shown in the documentation, though they still worked correctly. The Command Line Builder was corrected to use the documented values for the option.
Command Line Builder fixed to escape parameter values starting with "@"
If a report parameter value starts with "@", the Command Line Builder now escapes the value with "\" when generating the command line (e.g., "\@Now()"). Without this escaping, the command runner (adcrutil) interprets the value as a special command during command line parsing.
EndOfMonth function fails when called for December

If you use the @EndOfMonth function and specify a date in December as the date argument, execution fails with the following error:

Invalid Pattern: Evaluation of function "@EndOfMonth(...)" failed: Year, Month, and Day parameters describe an un-representable DateTime

The problem was corrected.

Set report title to file name if no title is set, to avoid naming problem with bookmarks in PDF export
When Report Commander exports a report to PDF and includes bookmarks, the top node of the bookmark tree is set to the report's temporary file name (original file name plus some other text) if no title has been configured for the report, due to a quirk in the Crystal Reports runtime components. Report Commander has been modified to set the report's title to the file name (without path or extension) prior to export to avoid this problem.
Force newer TLS protocols
Change to improve compatibility with mail servers that require newer security protocols.
Fix for "invalid parameter name" error when parameter is not used in report
For more information see article K00000594.
Support for wildcards when attaching or uploading additional files
When you include additional files (files other than report outputs) for email or upload tasks, file paths and names can now include wildcards to match multiple files.
SFTP or FTP upload fails with permission error if user does not have access to parent directory on server
If you attempt to upload a report to an FTP or SFTP server where you do not have permission to access a parent directory of the directory where the file is being uploaded, the upload fails with a permission error, even though you have permission for the target directory. For example, if you attempt to upload to "/users/rc/uploads" but do not have permission for "/users", the upload will fail because Report Commander will attempt to traverse that directory. The problem was fixed to avoid traversing parent directories if not necessary.
Project Editor
Fixed Print Output editor to show selected printer
When a Print Output task is configured to use a specific printer, the configured value was not shown correctly when opening the task. This was corrected.