Known Issues

Open Issues

The following Knowledge Base articles describe known issues in the current release of the software. See the Release Notes for information on recently-fixed problems.

Issue Status
K00000586: Job Condition may be satisfied for wrong instance when target job is active when dependent job starts Patch Available
K00000585: Console crashes if configuration file is invalid Open
K00000583: Script may fail or use wrong code when indirectly-referenced library is modified Patch Available
K00000582: Some references are not imported correctly Patch Available
K00000571: High CPU usage or delayed triggering when using File Trigger to monitor a folder with a large number of files Patch Available
K00000473: Database error occurs if Job Group is created on Agent with the same name as a Job Group sent from the master Open

Available Fixes

The following issues have been resolved in a hotfix update but have not yet been included in a general release. If you are affected by one of these problems, see the hotfix page to obtain the hotfix.

CR00007390: Service startup times out due to slow job load