Microsoft has announced the deprecation of Basic authentication (user ID and password) for Exchange Online. This article discusses the effects of this on adTempus.

More Information

Microsoft has announced that support for Basic authentication (user ID and password) will be removed for some Exchange Online endpoints beginning October 1, 2022.

This change will affect adTempus users who are using adTempus to retrieve email from Exchange Online using POP3 or IMAP. This affects email triggers and email processing tasks. When Basic authentication is disabled for these services, adTempus versions older than 4.9 will no longer be able to retrieve email from Exchange Online. You will need to upgrade to adTempus 4.9 or later (see the download page) and use OAuth2 authentication instead.

This change does not affect sending email from adTempus, as Basic authentication will continue to be supported for SMTP.

(Microsoft has begun disabling Basic authentication for SMTP for customers who are not using it, but if you are already using adTempus to send email, then you are using Basic authentication and Microsoft should not disable it.)