Information for Resellers

We are happy to accept orders from resellers, but generally do not offer substantial discounts for "pass-through" resellers. As a reseller you accumulate points based on your purchases, which may qualify you for volume-based discounts. The current reseller discount schedule is as follows:

Tier Minimum Points Discount Percentage
PTRA 0 3%
PTRB 12500 5%

If you are a value-added reseller or are actively promoting our products, please contact us contact us to discuss additional discount opportunities.

Becoming a Reseller

To sign up as a reseller, contact us with information about your company. Once we verify that you are a reseller we will set you up in our system as a reseller and provide you with your customer number.

Make sure you always specify your customer number when placing orders; this will ensure you are credited for the purchase and that you receive any applicable discount.

Your Prices

You can always get information on your current discount level and a list of product prices adjusted for your discount level on the pricing page. Just provide your customer number and the prices will be recalculated automatically.

General Information

See the purchasing information page for general information about the purchasing process and purchasing terms.



For fastest order fulfillment and maximum discount, place your order online. Our online order form allows you to order using a credit card or purchase order.

During checkout, enter your customer's contact information in the Delivery Information fields and we will send the necessary license information directly to your customer, without pricing information.

Enter your own PO number in the Purchase Order Number field and we will include it on invoices, receipts, order confirmations, etc., that we send to you.

Enter your customer's PO number in the Delivery Reference Number field and we will include it in the license delivery e-mail message we send the customer.

By E-Mail

You can also e-mail purchase orders to us at [email protected].

More Information

If you have questions about the program, please contact us.