Arcana Development offers two forms of product discounts:

  • Multi-license discounts save you money when you buy more than one license at a time. For information, see the price listing for the product in question.
  • Volume-based licensing. The remainder of this page discusses the volume licensing program.

All terms of the program, including eligibility, tier thresholds, and discounts, are subject to change without notice.

Program Participation

Every customer who buys from Arcana Development automatically participates in the volume licensing program. To ensure that your purchases are credited to your account, and to receive the discounts you have earned, you must provide your customer number on all orders, whether they are placed online or "offline."

Only purchases made directly from Arcana Development qualify for this discount program. Purchases made through resellers do not qualify for volume discounts and do not earn points toward future discounts. Resellers are not eligible under this program but can participate in the reseller discount program.

Program Structure

The volume discount program is a "point accumulation" plan. Each product has a point value. When you purchase a product, the appropriate number of points are credited to your account. As you accumulate points you qualify for increasing discount levels. These discounts are automatically applied to your order, as long as you provide your customer number when you place your order.

The discount you receive is based on the discount tier for which you qualify. The discount tiers are:

Tier Minimum Points Discount Percentage
N/A 0 0%
A 500 5%
B 1000 10%
C 2500 15%
D 12500 20%

Your point total includes all purchases you have made within the past 24 months. When you are placing an order, the products in that order are not included when calculating your discount level.

Orders placed using a purchase order are counted only if payment is received on time.


Please see the discount schedule for resellers.

Your Prices

You can always get information on your current discount level and a list of product prices adjusted for your discount level on the pricing page or in the pricing calculators for individual products. Just provide your customer number and the prices will be recalculated automatically.

More Information

If you have questions about the program, please contact us.