adTempus database queries

Database Model

Download the adTempus 4 database model

This document provides an overview of the adTempus database model for users who wish to query the database directly.

Note that due to the complexity of the database model, getting information out of the database into a useful format can be difficult. Users should consider these alternatives to direct database queries:

  • The adTempus API provides complete programmatic access to all adTempus data.
  • For reporting, consider the Report Designer included in the adTempus Console, which allows for custom reports built on top of the API.

Direct updates to the adTempus database are not supported except at the direction of a support engineer, and may result in data corruption or unpredictable results. If you need to make programmatic updates to adTempus, use the API.

Sample Queries

The following sample queries demonstrate how to retrieve various pieces of information from the adTempus database.

Name Description Languages
Grant SQL Server database access to adTempus server

This SQL script grants access to the adTempus database for the machine where adTempus is running, allowing adTempus to connect to the database while running under the Local System account.

List all jobs and steps

This SQL query demonstrates how to list all jobs and steps in the adTempus 4.x database, including the full group name for each job.

List email notification recipients for Jobs

This SQL script lists the names and addresses of all Notification Recipients used by Notification Actions in Responses defined for Jobs and Job Steps and for Notification Tasks within jobs.