adTempus 5 Beta

Welcome to the adTempus 5 beta program. adTempus 5 is a major upgrade from adTempus 4, with many new features.

The beta (preview) versions of adTempus 5 available here have not been fully tested yet and may still contain significant issues (bugs). Some additional minor changes may still be forthcoming, but major functionality changes are complete. If you're comfortable with all of that, give the beta release a try and help us find those problems.

Things to note

  • The setup process makes irreversible changes to the adTempus database, which are not backward compatible. Once you upgrade the database it cannot be used with adTempus 4.x. If you are using SQL Server Express, the upgrade process will by default make a backup of the database for you. If you are using your own SQL Server instance, be sure to take a backup before upgrading.
  • If you are upgrading from adTempus 4.x, please read the upgrade information, especially if you have multiple instances of adTempus on a computer.
  • adTempus now supports multiple instances running different versions of the software on the same computer. This makes it possible to test the new version on the same computer as the old version, without removing the old version. To do this, you need to make a copy of the adTempus database for the new version to use. The Database Configuration Wizard now includes an option to copy an existing database when creating a new adTempus database. If you are testing in parallel, be sure not to run both versions of the adTempus service at the same time, as you will end up with both instances running your jobs.
  • If you are using Distributed Scheduling, the Controller (formerly "Master") and all Agents need to be running the same version. For parallel testing, you can create new Agent instances as discussed above.
  • The adTempus 5 Console is backward compatible with adTempus 4.x servers. However, backward compatibility has not yet been fully tested, so you may want to keep the version 4 Console installed in case you encounter problems in the version 5 Console. To do so, do either of the following in the Installation Center:

    • On the Upgrade tab, choose the Upgrade adTempus option. In the Upgrade Wizard, select the Console for upgrade, then click the Options button and uncheck the Remove the old version of the Console box.
    • On the Installation tab, choose the Install adTempus Console option. In the Setup Wizard, uncheck the Remove the old version of the Console box.


When released, adTempus 5 will require an upgrade of your version 4 license. Customers on active maintenance subscriptions will have their licenses upgraded automatically.

The beta version will install a temporary license valid until January 31, 2023. If the beta period extends past that date, a new temporary license will be available.

API Changes

There have been some minor changes to the API. Updated API documentation is not yet available. The version 5 client is backward-compatible with version 4 servers but the version 4 client cannot connect to version 5 servers.



adTempus 5.0.22304, released October 31, 2022. This version will expire (stop working) on December 15, 2022. After that date you will need the production release (if available) or a newer beta version.