adTempus Release Notes

Released June 1, 2023


Refinements to handling of system clock changes
Jobs can be configured to run if their scheduled execution is missed because the system's clock is set forward and/or to repeat if the clock is set back. This feature was intended to address small time changes such as clock synchronizations and Daylight Saving Time changes. It can cause problems in scenarios with larger time changes, such as on a computer where the system clock is incorrect by months or years at startup and is subsequently synchronized with a time source after adTempus has scheduled jobs for execution. To address these issues adTempus was modified to recalculate execution schedules (ignoring the settings for individual jobs) for forward clock changes of more than 4 hours or backward changes of more than 12 hours. That is, if the clock is set forward by more than 4 hours, no missed jobs will be executed; if the clock is set backward by more than 12 hours, any jobs that would normally execute in the "repeated" timeframe will be executed.
Job Execution
Job Detail Log now includes variable values at job end rather than at the end of each step
The default logging settings previously had adTempus log the values of all Job Variables to the Job Detail Log at the beginning of each job and at the end of each step. This has been changed so variables are logged at the end of the job, rather than at the end of each step.

The previous behavior can be restored by changing two Advanced Server Options: change "JobVariableLogging:LogAtJobEnd" to "false" and "JobVariableLogging:LogAtStepEnd" to "true".
Job Variables
Changed rules for Job Variable names
The rules for Job Variable names have changed to exclude some punctuation characters that were previously allowed, and to disallow spaces in variable names. Existing variables are not affected but you will not be able to create (or rename) variables using the restricted characters. If you are adversely affected by this change, contact us for information on how to enable to support for the newly-restricted characters.

Fixed Issues

adTempus 5 Console cannot connect to adTempus 4 instance if software update messages are present
The adTempus 5 Console fails to connect to an adTempus 4 server if that server has software update messages to report.
For more information see article K00000619.
Unexpected error in Console when trying to set server option to an empty value
In the Advanced Server Options window, if you try to set an option's value to no value (empty), the Console displays an "unexpected error" message ("Conversion from type 'DBNull' to type 'String' is not valid." )and may crash. This problem was corrected.
Fixed ability to reset advanced server option to default value
In the Advanced Server Options window, an overridden value can be reset to its default value by pressing the Delete key while the option row is selected. This was the behavior in previous versions but was not working correctly in the 5.0 release.
E-Mail Notification
High importance indicator does not work for Microft Outlook
An enhancement in adTempus 5 sets email notification messages with a severity of 9 (in adTempus) to have message headers marking them as important. However, the header values used did not cause Microsoft Outlook to flag messages as High Importance. This has been corrected.
Resolved problem with erroneous clock change detection
In some cases where the adTempus server is under high load (server CPU at 100%) adTempus may incorrectly detect that the system clock has been set forward by a second or two. If this happens at the exact second that a job is scheduled to run, the execution may be missed if the job does not have the option set to "Run once if clock set forward."
Job Execution
File Transfer task may behave incorrectly if source folder has a trailing slash
If a File Transfer Task is configured with a source folder that has a trailing slash (e.g., "c:\myfolder\"), the task may behave incorrectly, including:
  • Failing to properly apply exclusions
  • Failing to copy/move files from the source folder
File Trigger may miss first file created when monitoring folder that doesn't exist yet
If a File Trigger is configured to monitor a folder that does not exist when the trigger starts monitoring, the File Trigger may fail to trigger if the folder is created and files are immediately created in it.
Terminating a job with pending instances may lead to phantom active instances
If a job is executing and other instances of the job are pending execution (waiting for the active instance to complete) and you terminate all instances of the job, in rare cases this can result in a database error that causes adTempus to think there are still active instances of the job even though there are not; this can prevent additional instances from running if they are configured to wait for previous instances. This problem was corrected.
Job Variables
Variable tokens not replaced correctly when tokens include format strings
When a Job Variable is inserted into text fields using variable tokens that contain format strings (for example, "%BatchDate{yyyy-MM-dd}%"), the token is not correctly replaced with the variable's value.
Text that includes percent characters (%) may be corrupted during text processing
When text that is subject to Job Variable expansion includes a "%" characters that is not part of a variable or inline script token, the text may be parsed incorrectly, producing an incorrect result.
For more information see article K00000622.
Inline function evaluation fails if function reference has format string
If you have an inline function call that uses a format string, evaluation of the script call fails when the text is expanded.

For example, an inline script call such as this will fail:

This problem was corrected.
Job Variables added at the server level are not saved
When you add a new Job Variable at the Server level (in the General Server Options window), that variable is not saved.
Linked Server Connections
adTempus 4 servers may fail to communicate with adTempus 5 servers
If you set up Linked Servers to allow standalone adTempus 4 instances to communicate (for example, to support job conditions and job chaining across servers) and one of the servers was upgraded to adTempus 5, the adTempus 4 server was not able to process updates from the adTempus 5 server. This prevents Job Conditions, Job Triggers, and Job Control Actions from working correctly on the adTempus 4 server.

This problem has been corrected.
Script Host not returning values for some properties
When a script runs, the adTempus object is not returning values for these properties:
  • JobOID
  • JobInstanceID
  • StepOID
  • StepInstanceID;
  • InstanceID
  • StepNumber