For any setting in adTempus that accepts job variable tokens, if the text you enter contains "%" characters that are not part of variable tokens, the text may be corrupted during text processing, causing the wrong value to get passed to the operation that uses the text.

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Most text that you can enter as part of a job setting (file names, command lines, email messages, SQL commands, etc.) allows you to enter variable tokens and therefore is subject to this text processing, whether you actually use variables or not. Any such text can be corrupted due to this problem.

For example, suppose you have a database task and use Job Variables in the SQL script to be executed. That script contains a "%" character that is not part of a token, adTempus may incorrectly drop the text between and including that character and the next "%" character, and may fail to replace valid variable tokens with the correct values.


A problem with the text parser causes adTempus to incorrectly interpret some "%" characters as token delimiters when they are not


This problem can be avoided by escaping any "%" characters in the text using "%%" instead. This tells adTempus to treat the character as literal text and not as a variable token marker.


  • adTempus 5
    This issue has been resolved. Resolved in version 5.0.1.