Running the adTempus 5 Console you try to connect to an adTempus instance running adTempus 4.x. The connection fails with the following error:

Message Number: ADT005166E
Message: The server connection has failed or has been closed: The formatter threw an exception while trying to deserialize the message: There was an error while trying to deserialize parameter The InnerException message was ''EndElement' 'SoftwareUpdateMessage' from namespace '' is not expected. Expecting element '_x003C_Importance_x003E_k__BackingField'.'.  Please see InnerException for more details.: 'EndElement' 'SoftwareUpdateMessage' from namespace '' is not expected. Expecting element '_x003C_Importance_x003E_k__BackingField'.


Additional Information

This error occurs only if the adTempus 4.x server has software update messages to report (which it will have, if update checking is turned on, because there will be an update message regarding adTempus 5).


This problem can be avoided by turning off update checking on the adTempus 4.x server. To do this:

  1. On the adTempus server you are trying to connect to, run the Registry Editor and go to key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Arcana Development\adTempus\Instances\Default\Options". You need to create the Options key if it does not exist. If you are trying to connect to an instance other than the Default instance, replace "Default" with the correct instance name.
  2. Create a new DWORD value named "UpdateCheck:Interval" and set it to "0". If the value already exists, change the value to "0".
  3. Restart the adTempus service.

You should now be able to connect using the adTempus 5 Console.


We are currently working on an adTempus 5 update to correct this problem.


  • adTempus 5
    This issue has been resolved. Resolved in version 5.0.1.