In some scenarios, when the adTempus Master sends a job to an Agent to be executed, job execution fails and the Agent logs an alert reporting a database error similar to the following:

A database error occurred while processing a database command. This may indicate a database problem or software problem. Please contact technical support for assistance and provide the server diagnostic logs. Database error: An exception was caught during the execution of an action query: Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_scriptLibraryLinkage'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.scriptLibraryLinkage'.

More Information

The error message may also reference other keys and tables, including PK_NotificationActionRecipient.

The problem may be intermittent but will generally affect the same job or jobs consistently. In some cases you may be able to duplicate the job and execute the duplicate without any issue.


This error happens because the Master is incorrectly sending two copies of some data to the Agent, resulting in an error when the Agent tries to save the second copy to the database.


  • adTempus 4
    A fix for this problem is available in the latest hotfix release for the software. Hotfix information. Resolved in version