This article explains how to upgrade the SQL Server database server used by adTempus.


All versions of adTempus will work with any version of SQL Server (or SQL Server Express) from SQL Server 2012 on. Each version of adTempus is distributed with a recent version of SQL Server Express, but that version of adTempus is not restricted to that version of SQL Server.

The adTempus 4.x installers do not include an option to upgrade SQL Server Express when you upgrade adTempus. Beginning with adTempus 5, the installer does include an option to update SQL Server Express to the version included with adTempus.

Upgrading SQL Server

You can upgrade the database server used by adTempus at any time, without affecting adTempus or its configuration. Just be sure to stop the adTempus service while you perform the upgrade.

Standalone SQL Server instance

If adTempus is using a standalone SQL Server instance (i.e., it is not using the SQL Server Express instance installed by the adTempus installer), you or your database administrator can upgrade the database server. As long as the upgrade does not change the name/address of the database server or the login used by adTempus, no changes are needed to your adTempus database settings.

SQL Server Express instance

If adTempus is using a SQL Server Express instance that was installed by the adTempus installer, you can upgrade that instance to a newer version of SQL Server Express at any time. If you are upgrading, we recommend that you download the latest version of SQL Server Express that is supported by your operating system. The current version is SQL Server 2019 Express, available here.

When you run the SQL Server Express installer, it will give you the option to add a new SQL Server instance or to upgrade an existing instance. You will choose to upgrade the "ADTEMPUS" instance, then complete the upgrade process using the default settings presented by the installer.

After the database instance is upgraded, you can restart the adTempus service with no changes to its configuration.