A job spends a long time in "Starting" status and adTempus records warning message ADT005431W
in the Job Log for the job:

Login for user "username" has not completed within 1 minutes. adTempus will wait 9 more minutes for login to complete [ADT005431W]

The job eventually runs successfully, or after 9 more minutes it fails and adTempus logs error message ADT005432E:

Login for user "username" did not complete within 10 minutes. This could be caused by a corrupt user profile or network problem. [ADT005432E]


When adTempus runs a job it first performs a login to Windows using the Windows identity (Credential Profile) specified for the job. This message is logged when Windows takes more than 1 minute to complete the login operation. If the login operation does not complete within 10 minutes, adTempus fails the job.

Typical causes for this problem are:

  • A slow connection to the logon server (domain controller) or a problem with the logon controller
  • A problem with the user profile of the account being used, such as a corrupted profile or a long-running login script


This problem is not caused by adTempus and results from issues beyond the control of adTempus. You will need to identify and resolve the issue outside of adTempus.

First try logging in to the adTempus server interactively, using the same account that the job is configured to run under. Do this while no adTempus jobs are running under this user account. Watch for a slow login response or for any error messages during login.

Check the Event Viewer for warnings or errors related to the login or to the user's profile.


If you are unable to resolve the issue outside of adTempus or determine that the problem should be ignored, you can eliminate the warning message in adTempus by setting a longer timeout period before it is issued. To do so, open the Advanced Server Options Window. Find the "UserManager:LongLogonWarningThreshold" option and change the Current Value to a suitable timeout (in minutes). This will not make the job start executing any faster but will eliminate the warning.

Additional Information

You may not see this behavior each time a job runs with the user account if there are overlapping jobs using the same account. This is because all jobs running at the same time for the same user account share the same login session, so if a second job starts before the first finishes, it uses the same login session and does not have to wait for Windows to perform the login. Once all jobs using the user account have completed, adTempus closes that login session, and the next job will require a new login.