When you attempt to import a job, the import fails with an unexpected error. The Application log in the Event Viewer shows the following error message from adTempus:

A database error occurred while processing a database command. This may indicate a database problem or software problem. Please contact Arcana Development for assistance and provide the server diagnostic logs. Database error: An exception was caught during the execution of an action query: Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint 'UQ_JobVariable_Owner_Name'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.JobVariable'.


This happens under the following scenario:

  1. A job was originally created on Server A and exported to Server B.
  2. On Server B, the job was edited to add a Job Variable named "Variable 1".
  3. The job was also edited on Server A to add the same variable.
  4. The job is now exported again from Server A.
  5. When you attempt to import it on Server B, the save operation fails with a database error because of a duplicate key.

This fails because the import process matches variables based on their unique, internal identifiers, rather than their names. Because the variables were created independently on separate servers, they have different identifiers even though they have the same name. Therefore adTempus attempts to create a new variable rather than updating the existing variable. This results in a duplicate key error when adTempus attempts to save the variable to the database, because there are now two variables with the same name.


To work around this issue, delete all variables from the job on Server B before performing the import. The variables will be re-created from the import file. Because they will not have the same identifiers as the variables on Server A, the next time you perform an export/import for this job the problem will not occur.


  • adTempus 4
    This issue has been resolved. Resolved in version 4.7.