When a job has a condition on a target job, the condition may be satisfied by the wrong instance in some cases where the target job had an extra execution.

More Information

Suppose Job A (dependent job) has a condition on Job B (target job), using settings "Job must have succeeded" and "Most recent since previous successful execution of current job".
  • Job B ran yesterday (instance B1)
  • Job A (instance A1) ran yesterday when Job B (instance B1) completed
  • Job B was run a second time yesterday (instance B2)
  • Job B was started today and is still running (instance B3)
  • Job A is started (instance A2)

For this scenario, Job A should wait for instance B3 to finish. However, due to a problem, the condition is satisfied by instance B2 instead, and Job A runs prematurely.


  • adTempus 4
    This issue has been resolved. Resolved in version 4.7.