This article describes the changes included in adTempus version 4.6, released on December 21, 2018.

Obtaining the Update

See the download page to download the latest version of adTempus. The setup program will update your installation.

Update to SQL Server 2017 Express

adTempus 4.0 through 4.4 included SQL Server 2012 Express. Beginning with version 4.5 the installation package includes SQL Server 2017 Express instead. (A separate installation package with SQL Server 2014 is available to support Windows Server 2008).

If you are upgrading from an earlier 4.x version, the installer will not upgrade your SQL Server installation. You can run the SQL Server 2017 Express installer separately if you wish to upgrade your SQL Server installation.

Changes in This Update

Version 4.6 includes some minor enhancements, plus fixes to issues found since the release of version 4.5. See article K00000560 for a list of changes in version 4.5.

The following changes are included in this update:

When "Restart limit exceeded" event triggers a Restart Job action, service crashesCR00007365

If a Response that uses event "Restart limit exceeded" has an action to restart the job, the response evaluator goes into an infinite loop, causing the adTempus service to crash with a stack overflow exception.

This was corrected so that Restart actions are ignored when triggered by Restart Limit Exceeded events, as this configuration doesn't make sense anyway.

Job Monitor may continue to show jobs as active after they have finishedCR00007369
The Job Monitor may continue to show jobs as active even though they have completed. This happens if the option to show past jobs is not selected. The problem was corrected to remove inactive instances.
Allow viewing of console output before step finishesCR00007337

When a step is configured to capture console output from the program being run, you can now view the partial capture results while the step is still running. Each time you open the file from the job history, it will display the current contents of the console output. The view of the file will not refresh automatically. If the job is running on an Agent, you still will not be able to view the file until the step completes, as the file is not sent to the Master until then.

Further enhancements will be made in adTempus 5.


Add Comments column to job instance listCR00007338
In a job instance listing (Job Monitor, History Query, history tab of job list), the Comments for the instance can now be displayed as a column. To choose the columns to display, right-click a column heading to show the list of available columns.
Inline function evaluation failsCR00007331
In some cases evaluation of inline scripts fails. This does not cause the job to fail, but an error message is reported in the Job Log ("Inline script evaluation failed") with no error reason.
Checkpoint utility adtchkpt fails with "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" errorCR00007332

For more information see Knowledge Base article K00000564.

adTempus may fail to start when running under non-English version of WindowsCR00007374

For more information see Knowledge Base article K00000573.

When using the Go To Job command, the job list should be scrolled to bring the selected job into viewCR00007386
Importing a job may not remove deleted steps or other objectsCR00007352
A job exists on server A and server B. On server A, you delete a step from the job, then export the job and import it on server B. After import, the deleted step is still present on server B; it should have been removed by the import. The same problem may occur with other parts of the job (triggers, conditions, responses, etc.). This problem was resolved.
Database Configuration Wizard and Database Utility fail when TLS 1.0 disabledCR00007330

For more information see Knowledge Base article K00000562.

Script or Script Library compilation fails with file access errorCR00007333
If two jobs run at the same time that use the same Script or Script Library, and that script or library has been modified since it was last used, one of the jobs may fail with error "Script compilation error: Unable to write output file..." If the job is rerun it works correctly.