When a report uses the "ADO.NET (XML)" driver to read data from an XML file, Report Commander does not correctly override the source file name when a new source is specified at runtime.

More Information

In this scenario it should be possible to override the database connection and point to a new XML source file as the "database" to be used for the report. When you do this, however, the override information is not properly passed to the report, and the report continues to use the original source file that is saved in the report.


This issue is resolved in Report Commander build and later.

For the override to work correctly, you must also change Report Commander to use the RAS report engine for the report, rather than the default report engine.

Command Runner (adcrutil)

Add the following option to your adcrutil command line:


Project Editor/Project Runner (adrcexec)

Edit your project in the Project Editor and double-click the node for the report. In the report properties panel, go to the Advanced tab. Change the Report Engine to "RAS".