If you are using the default SQL Server Express database for adTempus, and you rename the computer after the software has been installed, adTempus may fail to start, may fail to record database updates (such as recording job instances in the job history) or may exhibit other strange behavior. The adTempus diagnostic logs may report one of the following database errors:

Could not find server 'servername\ADTEMPUS' in sys.servers. Verify that the correct server name was specified. If necessary, execute the stored procedure sp_addlinkedserver to add the server to sys.servers. (source=Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server; native error=7202; SQL state=42000)

Where servername is the new name of the computer.


The cursor does not include the table being modified or the table is not updatable through the cursor. (source=Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server; native error=16933; SQL state=42000)

This problem may prevent adTempus from starting, or it may only appear occasionally, causing adTempus to report a catastrophic database failure.


This problem occurs because of problems caused in SQL Server when the host computer is renamed.


This problem can be updated by making a system update to SQL Server.

To do this, run the "adtdbutil.exe" utility found in the adTempus program directory. When started, adtdbutil will connect to the adTempus database and display an empty command-entry window. Enter the following commands, pressing F5 to execute each one:

sp_dropserver 'oldname\adtempus'
sp_addserver 'newname\adtempus',local
EXEC sp_serveroption 'newname\adtempus', 'DATA ACCESS', TRUE

where oldname is the old name for the computer, and newname is the new name.

After you have performed this operation, restart the adTempus service.

Note: If you do not know what the previous name of the computer was, enter the following command after starting adtdbutil, and press F5 to execute it:

select name from sys.servers

Use the name returned by this query in place of "oldname\adtempus" in the commands shown above.