"Page header plus page footer is too long for the page" error when no default printer configured

Article ID: K00000324
Last Updated: 8 September 2008

Applies To

  • Report Commander 1
  • Report Commander 2


When you try to print, export, or preview a report in Report Commander, you receive one of the following error messages:

Page header plus page footer is too long for the page


Page header or footer longer than a page

This error only occurs if there is no default printer designated for the computer.


Crystal Reports requires that a default printer be designated for the computer, as it uses layout settings from the default printer even if you are not printing the report.


In the Windows Printers view, make sure that a default printer has been designated.

If no printers are configured for the computer, you will need to add a printer and set it as the default. It does not matter whether the printer configured for the computer is valid or usable (unless you really plan to print); it just needs to be defined. Go through the Printer Configuration Wizard and select the "Generic" printer manufacturer, and the generic text-only printer driver.


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As above you have mentioned that the current system should have default printer to avoid this problem. But I already have a default printer but still getting that error then after reading this article I have changed my default printer but still problem not got solved. then I have reduced the size of the header section by deleting some content the it started showing report.
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