During the computer boot sequence, the adTempus service fails to start, reporting that no license was found and the software's evaluation period has expired.

If you then start the service manually, the service starts without issue, and the software displays a valid license.


This problem can occur if the computer uses a teamed network adapter, or some other configuration that causes the computer's MAC address to change during the boot sequence.

Most adTempus licenses are keyed to the computer's MAC address, and the address used for the license was determined during normal computer operation. When the computer uses a teamed adapter, the MAC address in effect when the adTempus service is started by Windows may be different.


To avoid this problem it is necessary to obtain a license file that is not keyed to the computer's MAC address. To do so:

  1. Log in to your license account at
  2. Locate the license for the computer in question and follow the steps to return it to your account (you won't be able to delete it from the License Manager on the computer where adTempus is installed, because the License Manager will not list the license).
  3. Follow the steps to obtain a new license file for the adTempus software ("activate"). When prompted for the Host ID, ignore the instructions provided by the Web page and enter the computer's name instead.
  4. Complete the process to download and apply the license file, as instructed.
  5. Restart the adTempus service and make sure that the license is recognized properly.
  6. If possible, restart the computer and confirm that the adTempus service starts correctly.


Beginning with adTempus version 2.1, the licensing system bases the licese on the computer name rather than the MAC address. Any new license activations beginning with version 2.1 wil not encounter this problem. If your software was activated using an earlier version of adTempus (even if you have subsequently upgraded to version 2.1), you will need to follow the steps above to reissue the license for the computer.