When an adTempus job step uses the "Capture Console" window mode, some programs do not work correctly if they are executed by that step (either directly or through a batch file). The affected commands will return a success exit code (exit code 0), but will not perform any action or display any messages in the captured output.

This behavior has been observed in the following programs:

  • xcopy. No files are copied and no messages are written to the console output.
  • fc. No comparison results or other information are written to the console output.


This problem occurs because adTempus redirects stdout and stderr when it runs programs in Capture Console mode, but does not redirect stdin. These programs work incorrectly when stdin is not also redirected.


When running one of these commands, use a window mode other than "Capture Console". If you need to capture the output from the command configure adTempus to run a batch file that executes the command and redirects the output to a file, then use a File Capture Action on a Response within your job step to capture that file and attach it to the job history.

For example, your batch file would redirect the xcopy output as follows:

xcopy c:\somefiles\*.* d:\anotherlocation /y /e /r /c > c:\temp\xcopyoutput.txt

You would then capture "c:\temp\xcopyoutput.txt" using a Response.


This problem has been resolved for adTempus 4. A fix may be released in a future update for adTempus 3.x.