The adTempus service fails to start as described in article K00000222. The adTempus diagnostic log contains a line with the following error message:

Database error -2147467259: [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access denied. (source=Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server; native error=17; SQL state=08001)

A few lines above this message, you will see a line similar to the following:

Using SQL Server connection: provider=SQLOLEDB; server=servername;Database=adTempus_XXXX;Integrated Security=SSPI

Note: If the servername in the message above is "\adtempus", see article K00000200 instead. If you have changed the name of the computer where MSDE is running, and the servername includes the old server name, see article K00000233.


The name of the SQL Server is incorrect, or SQL Server is not running.


Be sure the servername listed in the log file is correct. It should specify the name of the computer where SQL Server is installed, possibly including an instance name. For example, "mysqlserver" or "mysqlserver\adtempus".

If the server name is incorrect, correct it as described in article K00000225.

If the server name is correct, make sure the SQL Server service is running on the specified server.