Query job history and write to a CSV file

Language: PowerShell

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See the Client API Examples Introduction for additional information and prerequisites.

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This PowerShell script uses the adTempus API to query the history for selected jobs and write the history to a CSV file.

  • The server parameter is the name/address of the adTempus server instance to connect to. Use "." for the local server.
  • The job parameter can be a job name or group name. To select all jobs, use "*".
  • The start and end parameters are the start and end date/time range to query.
  • The output parameter is the name of the file to write the CSV output to.

Modify the property list in select-object (line 22) to include additional properties for the instances.

param (
    [string]$server = ".",
    [string]$job = "*",

add-type -path "c:\program files\arcana development\adtempus\4.0\ArcanaDevelopment.adTempus.Client.dll"


$parms = New-Object ArcanaDevelopment.adTempus.Shared.InstanceQueryParameters
$parms.StartTimestamp = $start
$parms.EndTimestamp = $end
$context.GetJobs($job) | ForEach-Object {$parms.TargetObjects.Add($_.OID)}

$context.GetJobHistory($parms) | select-object -property @{Name='FullName';Expression={$_.Job.FullyQualifiedName}},@{Name='JobName';Expression={$_.Job.Name}},InstanceID,ExecutionStart,ExecutionFinish,Status | Sort-Object -property FullyQualifiedName | export-csv -Path $output



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