Arcana Scheduler

Arcana Scheduler End-of-Life


In 2003, Arcana Development introduced a new, more robust scheduling product, adTempus, as a replacement for the Arcana Scheduler. At that time we announced that there would be no further development of the Arcana Scheduler product.

Due to its popularity and large customer base, we have continued to sell and support the final version of the Arcana Scheduler. However, the age of the Arcana Scheduler and of the software components with which it is built make continued support of the software infeasible. 

End of Life

Effective immediately, Arcana Development will not make any further updates to the Arcana Scheduler (including bug fixes) except in very limited circumstances.

Effective March 1, 2008, we will no longer offer free technical support for the Arcana Scheduler. Customers will be able to receive limited technical support on a fee basis, but Arcana Development will not release any software updates (including bug fixes).

Effective September 1, 2008, all formal technical support for the Arcana Scheduler product will be discontinued, though we will continue to maintain the discussion forum where users can assist one another.

Arcana Development will continue indefinitely to sell Arcana Scheduler licenses to existing customers, and to maintain the licensing server which allows customers to manage their licenses for the product.

Migration Path

We encourage Arcana Scheduler users to migrate to adTempus at their earliest convenience. adTempus includes an Arcana Scheduler import feature that will allow you to import your existing Arcana Scheduler jobs into adTempus so you can begin using it right away.

Effect on Licensing Requirements

The discontinuation of support for the product does not constitute a release of the Arcana Scheduler into the public domain, and does not entitle users to make unrestricted use of the software. Arcana Development will continue to enforce and defend its rights in the Arcana Scheduler product.