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Air_Cooled_Nut (18 posts)
March 26, 2004 09:12 AM
Accepted Answer

When in Windows File Explorer, you can right click on a file and select "Print".  This will send the file to the default printer.  This is a very nice feature because the particular file doesn't have to be opened first.

In adTempest this would be a great feature because files -- like Excel workbooks or Access reports -- could be triggered to print so they are immediately available when the user arrives in the morning or if a system failure happens the log file (*.txt or *.log) could be printed.

The ability to select from a list of available local or networked printers, or naming a specific printer, would be even better :-)

Administrator Staff (65 posts)
March 27, 2004 02:22 PM
Accepted Answer

The ability to print to the default printer is something we can implement, to an extent.

The list of actions you see when you right-click a document is defined by the application the document is associated with. In this case, Word defines a "print verb" in addition to the default "open verb". We could make it possible for you to specify the "verb" adTempus uses when it launches a document.

Selecting a printer would not be possible, because Word does not offer this capability in the commands it offers as shell extensions.

To be able to print to a specific printer, you would need to write your own program that uses the Word automation interface to do whatever needs to be done, and have adTempus run that program rather than launching the document directly.

Air_Cooled_Nut (18 posts)
March 29, 2004 07:31 AM
Accepted Answer

Okay, I understand.  A list of verbs would be nice.  Thanks for the reply!

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