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Gary Davis (7 posts)
May 4, 2021 11:25 AM
Accepted Answer
I an using adTempus 4.7.1 (Hotfix applied). One thing that I think is missing from any of the Job detail screens is the Job Duration. The start and finish times are provided but the user must calculate the duration. Having the job duration displayed for the user would help in identifying execution trends when scrolling through a long list of job executions. I would like the Job Duration added to any screen that is currently displaying the Start and Finish times (i.e. the Job Monitor, Failed Jobs, Jobs or Job Groups etc.). Also I would like the Job History Report updated to include the job duration.
Bill Staff (602 posts)
May 4, 2021 03:40 PM
Accepted Answer

In most of the lists that show instances or messages you can right-click the column headings and get a menu to select additional columns to display. Elapsed Time is available in the Job Monitor and History views and does what you want.

I have written this up for possible addition to the Job History report. We are also looking to add a new tool to make it easier to export data like that to a spreadsheet. In the meantime you might want to look at the report designer to add this:

  1. Tools > Report Designer
  2. In the Report Designer, File > New
  3. Base the new report on the Job History Report
  4. In the new report, look for the Field List window (on a tab with the Report Explorer on the right side)
  5. Under ExecutionHistoryItem find ElapsedTime
  6. Make some room for it in the Detail section. Maybe get rid of Computer Name if you only have one adTempus server.
  7. Drag the new field onto the report.
  8. Click the Preview tab at the bottom to see how it looks
  9. Save the report. Give it a new title. Leave Creator blank or set it to your name or company name.
  10. The new report will appear in the Reports view in the Console

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