Support Databases other than M$

snorkel (3 posts)
July 28, 2008 11:31 AM
Accepted Answer
Is there any reason why adtempest only supports Microsoft databases?
A perfect canidate would be PostgreSQL, it has a robust native win32 version along with ado drivers, .net drivers etc and would be a great option instead of the full blown M$ SQL server, sure you can use the crippeled express versions.
Bottom line is another option would be nice.
Bill Staff (602 posts)
July 30, 2008 01:31 PM
Accepted Answer
We are planning to add support for executing tasks (such as running SQL commands, stored procedures, etc.) against additional databases in the near future.

On the back end, we don't consider adTempus to be a "database" application: data storage and manipulation are not its function, and most users will never need or want to interact with the database. Our goal is for the database component of the application to be as transparent to the user as possible. We therefore chose Microsoft SQL Server Express, which we can distribute freely with the application, and install, configure, and maintain as part of the adTempus installation without the user needing to know anything about databases.

Supporting additional databases would place additional demands on us in terms of both software development and technical support, and we believe that our resources are better focused on the core mission of the software, which is scheduling.
snorkel (3 posts)
August 1, 2008 08:14 AM
Accepted Answer
The problem with using SQL server express is it competes for resources with other installed databases, it would just be nice to support others such as PostgreSQL, which is also free with a BSD license and has a native win32 port and can do everything MS SQL express can do(and then some), for example with PostgreSQL you can write stored procedures in Python,Perl or Java(plus several others)  I don't know what driver you are using to connect to the MS db, but I would imaging there is one for postgreSQL you could use.
Just keep PostgreSQL in mind as it totally rocks and would probably be a excellent 2nd choice for users, not everyone want to be locked in to a MS database, even if it is sort of free.

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