multiple choise

Rafi (5 posts)
August 11, 2004 02:01 AM
Accepted Answer

This topic cover many aspects of maintaining adTempus jobs, but it comes down to the ability to select more than one item and working on the selected items in one click.

I find it hard, and rather irritating to right click 20 or 30 times on each job to terminate it, and than again 20 or 30 times to start it again. If I could select more than one job at a time I could have terminate 20 jobs in one click, adding a restart option will make it even better by reducing my efforts to one click only. Today it takes 60 clicks with a waiting time of 5 seconds between each click, a waist of time!

Let's say I would like now to add the same step to all my jobs, without having the possibility to select multiple items, I'm doomed again to waist my time.

If we talking about saving out time while maintaining adTempus, a drag and drop option will be nice.


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