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smp (34 posts)
January 7, 2009 12:04 PM
Accepted Answer
Hi, I just installed the 3.0 Beta web client. Seems to work OK initially, and I am successfully able to log in and see a list of scheduled jobs. However there are three broken images on the left pane, next to the "Jobs", "Failed Jobs", and "Alerts" link. The HTML code for the "Failed Jobs" image looks like this:
<td><img src=";t=633649407856112500" alt="" /></td><td style="white-space:nowrap;"><a class="ctl00_MainContent_consoleTree_0" href="console.aspx?server=(MY SERVER NAME)&amp;node=failed+jobs" id="ctl00_MainContent_consoleTreet1">Failed Jobs</a></td>
It seems that the /WebResource.axd file can't be found, and I confirmed there is no such page on the filesystem.
J.D. Staff (46 posts)
January 8, 2009 06:00 PM
Accepted Answer
Please open a support request and send a screen capture showing what you're seeing. The only images that would be showing there I think are the little lines going to the various nodes.

The "webresource.axd" isn't an actual file, it means that the image is generated dynamically by the Web application.

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