Arcana schedules are getting struck

mohangupta (2 posts)
January 15, 2009 11:06 AM
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We have nearly 50 schedules running daily in Arcana scheduler. It is installed on Windows 200 machine. Some times all of them be running with out any problems. Many of the times we observe that the schedules get struck and we notice a red cross mark on the running symbol (prefix to  the description of the schedule). Also we observe a message "Failed to start" at the status column.
When ever we observe the schedules are struck, as a temporary work arpound, we just restart the Arcana scheduler service and restart the failed schedules. It goes fine.
But this problem is happenening very frequently. So it is becoming difficult on our part to get the schedules running.
We never know when it strucks and when it runs.
Would you please suggest me if there are any thing needs to be configured or upgraded at my syatem level or at scheduler level.
Your help on this regard is highly appreciated.
erinr (8 posts)
January 15, 2009 02:09 PM
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If the status says "failed to start" then the jobs aren't "stuck", they're failed. There should be an error message from Arcana Scheduler in the Application log part of the Event Viewer that says why the program couldn't be started.
mohangupta (2 posts)
January 15, 2009 05:12 PM
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Hi Erinr,
Firstly thanks for your reply.
I have checked the apllication log part of the event viewer. I took one of the failed job and its time of failure and compared the error in the evnet viewer.
It showed me the description as

Error starting program <my program name here>: Access is denied.

Also when ever I notice my schedules fail to start, I used to restart the arcana scheduler service and start the schedules with out any problems.

If the account that I am using in my program is really not able to access, It would have not run for the second time after restarting the services.
would you pelase suggest me where could be the problem in such case.
Bill Staff (530 posts)
January 20, 2009 12:06 PM
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What version of the Arcana Scheduler are you using?

When the problem starts happening, does it happen for all scheduled jobs, or only some of them? Is it the same set of jobs each time?

If some jobs are affected and some aren't, are all the jobs running under the same user account?

Are there any security-related errors in the System log around the same time as the access denied error from the Arcana Scheduler?

Is the Arcana Scheduler service configured to run under the Local System account? If not, change it so it is and see if that takes care of the problem.

Do you have the "Allow program to interact with desktop" option checked for the jobs that sometimes don't work? If so, uncheck this box and see if you still get the problem.

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