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Automated Processing for Crystal Reports

Print, export, and e-mail Crystal Reports® reports from the command line

Report Commander is a tool that can print, export, and e-mail Crystal Reports reports using a command-line interface. It can be used in conjunction with a scheduler or other tool to automate report execution and distribution.

Crystal Reports does not need to be installed on the computer where Report Commander is run.

Version 2 Coming Soon

Report Commander 2 is now available in a beta release. Read about new features or try the beta release.


Report Commander can load a Crystal Reports report and:

  • Specify database login credentials
  • Specify parameter values
  • Print the report
  • Export the report to any of the following formats:
    • Plain text
    • CSV
    • Rich Text (RTF)
    • Editable RTF
    • HTML
    • Microsoft® Word®
    • PDF
    • Microsoft® Excel®
    • XML
  • E-mail the exported report (requires access to an SMTP server)

The command-line builder reads a report, prompts you for logins, parameters, and settings, and generates the command line needed to run the report later without user interaction.

Report Commander can automatically use the current date (or a different date calculated based on the current date) in report parameters. For example, you can configure Report Commander to automatically pass yesterday's date to your report each time you run it, without having to modify the Report Commander options each day.

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