Plant Scheduler gives landscape architects tools to automate plant callout and plant schedule creation, leaving you more time to focus on design.

Plant Lookup with Auto-Completion

Tired of typing Liquidambar styraciflua ‘Rotundiloba’ into AutoCAD all day? The plant lookup tool launches from within AutoCAD with one keystroke. Type a few letters, find your plant, and Plant Scheduler inserts the name in your plant callout for you, complete with formatting.

Watch a demo of plant lookup

Automated Plant Schedule Creation

Once you've finished adding plant callouts, the plant schedule generator matches the the plant names in your plan to your master plant list and creates a plant schedule. Common name? Caliper size? You choose which attributes to include in the schedule.

Watch a demo of plant schedule generation

Budget-Friendly for Small Firms

Plant Scheduler is designed for firms with small software budgets. It doesn't depend on AutoCAD plugins, so it works with AutoCAD LT. We expect pricing to be under $100 per user.

Learn More About Plant Scheduler!

Plant Scheduler will be available soon. We're excited to talk to as many landscape architects as we can while we wrap up development so we can make sure our tools are useful to you. To learn more, share your workflow, or sign up for the beta test program, submit your contact information below or e-mail us at [email protected].

Meanwhile, you can watch some demos.

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Why Plant Scheduler?

Plant Scheduler is a little different from the software we usually build, but our focus is on tools to help people get stuff done more efficiently. So when the boss's wife—a landscape architect—described her small landscape architecture firm's hassles typing out plant schedules for their planting plans created with AutoCAD LT, the boss put us to work to craft a solution. Now we're excited to share it with other landscape architects facing the same challenges.